Collection of Photos from Long Ago Collection of Photos from Long Ago Lumberton's Standpipe in Winter. 186493612 The Boxwood Lodge - located on Main Street. Currently a private residence/rental property. 186493613 Buswells Island - along the Rancocas Creek. 186493614 Private residence on Main Street. 186493615 A baseball game at Lumberton about 1910. 186493616 Saint Martin's in the Field 186493617 Lumberton's Main Street, Bridge over the Rancocas Creek. 186493618 A view of the Rancocas Creek from the Railroad Bridge - 1909 186493619 North Main Street in Lumberton around 1909 186493620 North Main Street in Lumberton. 186493621 Haines/Budd House near Lumberton. 186493622 Log stable on the Stiles Farm, possibly built by the Moore family, owned by Charles Read Sr., in 1756 north side of Bulls Head Road between Lumberton and Rancocas Park (Creek Road) date unknown. 186493623 McGarritys Inn- Last property in Lumberton Twp. on Lumberton/Medford Road. 186493624 Main Street around 1912, looking towards the intersection of Main and Landing Street. 186493625 Main Street - around 1906 looking towards the Old Town Hall. 186493626 The Hedgerow Inn, from a plate 1952 186493627 The Hedgerow Inn 186493628 Haines House (on land of Dr. Robert Dimsdale), long lane leading from Lumberton Village, 1776 (owned by Joseph Jones, 1939) 186493629 Eayres Residence (Mill property), Lumberton Twp., 1769. 186493630 Coate's Spring near Lumberton - 1911 186493631 The Great Old Oak - Lumberton 186493632 Main Street Bridge - 1910 186493633 Eayrestown Eayres/Githens Farm - Icehouse. 186493634 Eayrestown, Lumberton Township - Githens/Eayres Farm Combination Smokehouse and Outhouse. 186493635 Saint Matins PE Church - 1918 186493936 Joseph Moore House, Bulls Head Road (Creek Road) - 1754 186493937